What We Do


We're glad you found us. Allow us to help guide you along the way in your search for senior housing. Whether you are looking for an independent retirement community with lots of activities and amenities, or one that provides minimal or considerable assistance with activities of daily living, we're here for you.

Please feel free to use the information below if you are considering moving. It is a review of some aspects of when and why a move may be necessary.


A Better Solution for Senior Living, LLC is a professional placement agency. What does that mean? It means we are dedicated to finding the ideal living solutions for you or your loved one. We conference with the family to discuss what is of the utmost importance to the individual. While someone may want a community with all the bells and whistles of the greatest retirement resort, another may need a considerable amount of hands on assistance.

When do you consider moving or bringing in homecare?

We’ll look at available options taking all things into consideration: location; staff expertise; functioning level of other residents; price; environment; stimulation; etc. We’ll help to locate desirable options based on the information received. Perhaps this is a move that may require Medicaid funding in the future. We can help to make that happen.


Whether you’re looking for an active retirement community or one with a lot of assistance, our commitment is to recommending only those facilities that are licensed and monitored by the AZ Department of Health Services. We’re contracted with literally hundreds of independent and assisted living homes and communities. However, we are not owned or affiliated with any facility. There is the possibility of discovering that a move isn’t what is needed right now.


In addition to senior housing, we offer referrals for assistance with other issues facing families at this time, such as Hospice, Home Health Care, Adult Day Care, and many other senior services. We will be happy to recommend other options for your loved one. We are dedicated to ensuring the happiness, security and well-being of our clients. Let us work with you to help choose the most suitable adult care facility for you or your loved one.


When and Why Placement

  • When living alone becomes a safety issue
  • When there is the need or desire to geographically live near loved ones, but not with them
  • When socialization with others of similar cognitive and physical ability is vital to one’s wellness
  • When the demands of caring for a loved one is greater than one can handle alone
  • When the cost of bringing in home care is no longer an option
  • Objective advice and research done on all the state licensed communities and homes